Capturing the moment...

below are some examples of my photos taken at various events

It's fun to share special moments on social media, but not so fun and often annoying/ impractical having to fumble for your phone or rely on a friend/colleague/non-Instagram-husband  to do the job, especially 

while you are hosting an event or trying to relax and enjoy yourself.

This is where I come in.

I will discreetly take the perfect emotion-filled shots of your event or moment using purely my iPhone. With no need to stop and pose, I just capture the moment as it is. My speciality is making my subjects look great in the pictures.

I then send you a selection of around 20 shots ready for you to post onto your social media.

I cover both private and corporate events - and always discreetly. 

Events such as birthdays, weddings, at home with a new baby, product launches, cocktail parties, show backstage, shopping-spree with friends, etc.


I'm always happy to discuss what you need and like.